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RAW FOOD 101 10/10/2011 6:30-8:30
Learn the basics of the Raw Food Lifestyle
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RAWDACIOUS PIE BRUNCH 10/16/2011 10:30-2
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 Alyssa's Home Burlington vt 
I came to adopt a raw lifestyle through a series of circumstances that led to heightened awareness of how the things I put into my body affected my health and well being.  Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic neurological illness and was forced to rethink the entire foundation of the life I'd built.  I began to reevaluate the lifestyle choices that no longer supported my ideals.  At the time, I viewed my diagnosis as a disaster, an explosion, that destroyed everything I had built. Today, I truly believe  that illness saved my life.  I changed everything and built a life that was meant for me and filled it with things and people who bring me joy.  I soon realized, I had been living my life based on someone else's  idea of how life should be. It was painful and terrifying to shed beliefs, relationships and posessions that no longer served my best interest.  After releasing those things that were no longer useful, I was able to open up to a different way of living and being.
Following the diagnosis, I began the exploration into self healing. Through the research I’ve done and people I’ve met it is clear that the body has the capability to heal itself if given the most beneficial materials and right mindset. Through a natural progression guided by my body's specific needs I adopted a more vibrant diet. Raw food has empowered me to take control of my health and take responsibility for my body.  Raw food helped me heal from dis-ease.  Literally weeks after b eginning a juice fast I was symptom free. As if that weren’t amazing enough, it has also brought me to a higher energy existence. I feel more alive and awake and I hope to help people to embrace this healing way of eating to whatever degree fits into their lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from adding more raw foods to their diet.  I have found it to be an  integral piece in my healing journey and am eager to help others learn to return to simple foods that are more in tune with the way we were meant to eat.  I am forever changed in the way I eat and live.  My level of consciousness around how to care for my body and mind has been raised and continues to shift and change every day. 
We all have a choice 3+ times a day to give our bodies fuel that helps us heal and regenerate. Too often, we choose foods that tax and stress our bodies which lead to illness and dis-ease. The difficult thing is that our culture has gotten very far away from natural foods that help our bodies and continually eat foods that cause immense damage. The standard american diet causes stress to the body and can lead to illness.  I was apalled that not one doctor told me that changing my diet could help me.  One resident took me aside privately away from the head neurologist and mentioned it but that was it.  It is an outrage that this lifestyle has not been made accessible to everyone whether they are healthy or not.
I became a certified Raw Foods Chef and Educator so that I could share this information with others. I also hold an MSW from New York University and practiced social work for seven years. This, along with my background and personal experience with healthy living, makes me well equipped to counsel people as they make these lifestyle changes and embrace a healthier way of being in the world. I am also a certified yoga teacher and believe fully in the importance of movement to help the body remain strong through periods of change and detoxification. I offer my clients a complete support system for transitioning to healthier lifestyle this includes: raw food courses, consulting, personal chefing and health coaching.
I began Rawdacious Living because I believe that Raw and Living foods can save lives. This is my way of expressing gratitude for the health and vibrancy I've experienced since adopting this lifestyle.  I will do whatever I can to help others in my community regain the dignity of a healthy mind, body and spirit that all human beings are entitled to. 
Burlington, VT