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RAW FOOD 101 10/10/2011 6:30-8:30
Learn the basics of the Raw Food Lifestyle
entry fee a great opportunity to check out some local holistic practitioners including Rawdacious Living
RAWDACIOUS PIE BRUNCH 10/16/2011 10:30-2
Enjoy Rawdacious Pies with good company
Free healthy living support  Bring a raw organic dish
 Alyssa's Home Burlington vt 
Personal Chef/Food Delivery
Providing prepared food to support you in  your raw lifestyle or help you transition to healthier foods 
Cost:  Individualized Plan prices vary. Contact me
Transition Program
A complete program for people interested in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. This program includes: Individual coaching
Weekly raw food class
Menu Planning
On-going support
Cost:  Individualized Plan prices vary. Contact me
Raw consultation
When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the attention you deserve?

What benefits could adopting a healthier lifestyle have on your health?

It is rare for anyone to work on their nutrition and goals with a caring, trained professional. With the help of healthy living coach Alyssa Brown you will explore your health and ways that you can get a boost by integrating raw and living foods into your current diet while phasing out foods that are no longer benefiting you. Alyssa will help you develop a transition plan and menu depending on your lifestyle and identified health needs. You may also choose to have ongoing transitional support from Alyssa while you implement your plan. Keep an open mind and Alyssa will introduce you to a fun and exciting way of eating and living!!

7 day guided raw food detox

You can do anything for a week! Now is a great time to challenge yourself to take this step towards stellar health. You will learn the benefits of detoxing and cleansing your system with raw foods, juices and smoothies.  You will experience the revitalizing properties of Raw foods on this cleansing adventure. You will gain a boost in your health by eating natural, delicious, flavorful, nutritionally charged meals. You will receive intensive, daily personalized guidance from Alyssa Brown MSW, raw food educator and healthy living coach. You will have the option of learning to prepare staple meals from a living food chef. You may also choose to develop a fitness plan with Alyssa to optimize the benefits of the cleanse.

This package includes :
A health consultation with Alyssa
A menu and recipes for easy to prepare meals for the week catered to your specific needs and lifestyle
A shopping list taking the guesswork out of the trip to the grocery store.
Daily check in with Alyssa regarding your progress and experiences on the cleanse


Coaching and Transitional Support

Making the choice to live a higher energy, healthier lifestyle can cause ripples in the other areas of our life. As we begin to clean up our bodily systems the other areas of our life will follow suit. It is often helpful to have the support of someone who has experienced this shift to help you maneuver these changes. Alyssa will offer new and exciting recipes catered to your needs, supportive health counseling and ongoing coaching to aid you while you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Alyssa will be available by email for questions as well as a weekly one- on -one session to evaluate your progress on the transition plan in order to ensure that it suits your needs perfectly.


Raw Food Prep Classes

**Raw foods 101**
In this intro course you will learn the basics of raw food:
What is the raw lifestyle?
What are enzymes and why are they important?
What about protein?
Why go raw?
How to go raw?
Green smoothie demo and tasting

**Raw for dinner**
Learn to make entrees that the pickiest of eaters will enjoy!
**Raw for breakfast**
Learn to prepare quick and easy breakfast foods to get you going in the mornings!
**Raw for Lunch**
Learn to prepare grab n go lunches to take with you to work
** Raw Deserts**
Learn to prepare amazing deserts that you won’t believe are good for you!!

**Raw dinner party**
Learn to prepare a four course raw meal to nourish your loved ones and wow your friends.

**Living foods**
Benefits of sprouting +fermenting
Learn to make kimchi/sauerkraut/
Learn to sprout anything
Burlington, VT