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RAW FOOD 101 10/10/2011 6:30-8:30
Learn the basics of the Raw Food Lifestyle
entry fee a great opportunity to check out some local holistic practitioners including Rawdacious Living
RAWDACIOUS PIE BRUNCH 10/16/2011 10:30-2
Enjoy Rawdacious Pies with good company
Free healthy living support  Bring a raw organic dish
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Raw food is not a fad or a quick weight loss diet . Although it is gaining attention, and many people do lose weight, Raw food is a lifestyle. When you begin to transition to eating raw foods you will change the way you think about all things food related. The way you have been thinking about food and eating will be forever changed. Many have experienced shifts in thinking that expand into other aspects of their lives. When you begin to feed your body and your mind highly nutritious foods your cells start functioning at optimal levels allowing your mind to clear and your body to heal.

Eating raw foods is not a strange new idea. This is the way humans have eaten for billions of years and, arguably, the way we are meant to eat. When you think about it, eating raw foods is not all that strange but eating something that comes from a box…that is not what our bodies are intended to consume. That box is packed full of preservatives and chemicals that stress our bodies. Imagine giving our ancestors the choice between a nice big leafy green salad or a box of cereal. They probably wouldn’t know what to do with the box, and they would be healthier becuase of it.

The problem is our culture has become overly focused on convenience and our bodies and minds have suffered the consequences. Foods that are very difficult for our bodies to process take up 70-80% of our diet. Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) has made us all sick and tired. I challenge you to find one person eating the Standard American Diet who does not have a complaint be it lack of energy, allergies, sleep concerns, digestive issues etc. We are plagued with allergies and illnesses or just plain exhausted. I personally do not know one person who is eating the SAD way who does not have a complaint be it mental or physical. On the other end of the spectrum, I know numerous people who are eating a diet high in raw foods that have boundless energy and few complaints if any at all.

The raw lifestyle has helped many people, including myself, heal from disease, mood disorders, illness and fatigue. Raw food is not a miracle cure but it is the nutrient dense food our bodies can assimilate and use for rebuilding and regeneration of every cell.
Burlington, VT